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Due to lack of adequate infrastructures and easily accessible medical care, many African women give birth in difficult conditions: labour sometimes lasts for 8 days.
After this ordeal, the child is more often than not stillborn and many of those women- if they survive- suffer from fistulas which are abnormal holes between bladder and vagina and/or between rectum and vagina.
Completely incontinent, the afflicted women give off a nauseous odour and are rejected by everyone. They are condemned to be pariahs or “living-dead”.
There are between 2 and 3 millions in Africa, 100.000 of whom in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Only surgical intervention can cure them.
Through a lack of money, they either do not see a doctor or do so late which diminishes their chances of recovery.
In the St Joseph hospital a Fistula Clinic is being set up which specialises in this type of surgery. Our goal is to make this treatment accessible to all women suffering from fistulae, with special emphasis on the poorest women.
To treat one fistula patient 150 Euros is enough… Not much for a new life , back to smile, femininity and possible pregnancy…
Fistul-Aid has been founded by Doctor Emile De Backer, with Professor Paul Hennebert as President and Countess Jean d’Ursel as President of honour, in order to collect funds to pay the treatment of “Fistula –women”, especially in the “Fistula Clinic of Kinshasa” and to promote teaching of adequate techniques in Congo(DRC).


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